Simon Ivonovick

Experience: 10 Years
Simon is another long term coconut operator and spent 10 years working through a range of prototype phases. He also has extensive experience in both Traditional and Hurse Irons.
Comments: I recently stepped into my first production pair, I would have got them sooner but didn't know they were out yet. It's Hurse Irons all the way for me. They are definitely safer and a lot easier on your feet. Way better balance but best of all, they don't wreck the trunks, and that makes me happy.

Gary Keith

Experience: 30 Years
A coconut specialist and former barefoot climber, Mr Keith has been using Hurse Iron prototypes for over 24 years straight. He finally stepped into a production pair 7 months ago.
Comments: They have served me well in the past and will continue to do so well into the future. These irons are about productivity and working with the palms instead of against them and the same can be said for your body.

Shaunee Buroughs

Experience: 3 Months
With Shaunee trees run in the family. His big brother is an arborist and his father is a coconut climber. Shaunee bought a set of HC14s and started climbing 3 months ago as a novice.
Comments: I am really glad I am learning a new trade, this is 100 times funner than rendering, and the pays better. I have already made it clear how I feel about the Hurse Irons, they are a deadly piece of kit.

Stephen Buroughs

Experience: 24 Years
My Buroughs is one of the original trialists on numerous prototype phases over a 16 year period, although he has been climbing for 24 years in total and has extensive experience in both leg iron systems.
Comments: There's no comparison, the Hurse Irons are superior all the way. They don't damage the palms like the old tool and they're a lot safer.

Pung Krongphol

Experience: 4 Years
Pung is an arborist, formerly from 'Cairns Trees', and currently working for 'LDW Trees' in Mackay. Originally a traditional iron operator, he bought a pair of Hurse Irons 4 months ago and reckons he's a better climber for it.
Comments: It took me a bit to get used to the new tool, about 3 weeks, but after that it's better. You start to appreciate how the foot is more comfortable on the soles, but especially where the spikes go in on the side of the foot. It also feels much safer and easier to use, especially when I spin around the tree, and do stuff. It's a thumbs up from me and a good investment for my future.