Climbing tools maintenance & inspection

Tree Climbing EquipmentThese tree climbing tools come fully assembled with a
specialised tool kit and everything you'll need for adjustment
and regular maintenance as well as a comprehensive operator
and maintenance manual. The only initial and ‘once only’
adjustments you’ll need to make will be to calibrate the heel
strapping to your exact foot size. 

Australian designed and engineered, your Hurse Irons are manufactured from the most advanced titanium, S/S and hi-tech alloys to withstand severe operational conditions.

When correctly maintained, your climbing irons will provide many years of service as long as its consumables and replacement parts are renewed at recommended intervals or when required.

 tree climbing equipmentConsumables:     tree climbing gear                                  Potential replacements:
 Gaffs, Holding Bolts                                      Straps, Buckle, Shanks
 Blocks and Sole Tips                             Bushes, Spring & Shin Pads

Remember, no tool lasts indefinitely and your Hurse Irons will be subjected to immense force, flex and impact during the course of ordinary daily operations.
Your comprehensive maintenance manual and our service support team will ensure your Irons are correctly maintained.

(Always keep Gaffs sharp and conduct regular maintenance and inspection). Failure to do so could result in a fall, serious injury or death.

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