Greater flexibility, comfort and security...

Whether you’re involved in arboriculture, linework, palm harvesting, amenity tree works, rescue
or military operations, the all new Hurse Irons tree climbing equipment will change forever the way
you climb and operate at height by delivering an outstanding level of comfort, safety and flexibility
previously unheard of in traditional climbing systems. 

For operators, this means greater efficiencies and productivity through more natural movement and operational flexibility in all climbing modes and conditions by ensuring full ‘ankle to foot’ and ‘leg to ankle’ pivotal movement previously unobtainable in traditional systems. Operators can now ‘pivot on’, ‘balance off‘ and ‘fulcrum from’ an independent stirrup platform.

For local councils and authorities, it delivers significant environmental sustainability and public safety through its revolutionary low impact on trunk structures which in turn, allows for more timely and consistent tree management.

For employers and insurance companies concerned with long-term operator injury, it delivers advanced operator comfort and support through its innovative series of foot and knee health tool features.

"I recently stepped into my first production pair, I would have got them sooner but didn't know they were out yet. It's Hurse Irons all the way for me. They are definitely safer and a lot easier on your feet. Way better balance but best of all, they don't wreck the trunks, and that makes me happy." - Simon Ivonovick