From high impact to low impact in one move ...

Sugar Glider in TreeOne of the key features of the new tool is its unique, streamlined and low impact twin
gaff system which not only provides superior gripping and easier engagement and
disengagement, but also massively reduces trunk damage from 'cut outs' and
'tear aways'.  

In the old tool significant trunk damage increases overtime as repeated
denutting severly impacts on the health of palm populations. 

The Hurse Irons Climbing System is the closest you'll come to barefoot climbing in relation to protecting trunk integrity. With superior gripping, increased operator comfort and safety plus its proven, low environmental impact - these innovative climbing boots represent a revolutionary breakthrough in climbing technology and environmental sustainability.Butterfly in Rainforest...and that's got to be a win win for everyone.

In all the fields of 'urban palm management' the Hurse Irons take Gaff damage from highly destructive down to superficial. Safety and productivity one side, the new technology represents a major leap forward in sustainable work practices.

"They have served me well in the past and will continue to do so well into the future. These irons are about productivity and working with the palms instead of against them and the same can be said for your body." - Gary Keith