Veteran Climbers

tree climbing arborist equipmentIt is straight forward to train novice operators the
core principals, however, In the first few hours or days,
depending on the individual, the veteran operator will
initially be challenged by the advanced physics and
differences in operation of the new system. 

It takes a little while to understand that 'ankle to foot' pivotal
movement now controls the balance and position of the operator; whereas in
the old system similar movement has no effect. 

It generally takes three weeks of climbing to transition and from therein things just get better as operators unlock and appreciate the tool features and operate within new balance freedoms and athletic parameters. In order to unlock the tool's full potential, operators need to focus on a few simple but important adjustments to their climbing technique. these are clearly explained in the operators manual.

Novice Climbers

If you are a novice, you will need to lock into back to back safety and trade training programs, specific to your chosen industry. You will also need at least a basic but complete certified climbing kit and familiarisation with the functions of this equipment before commencing climbing activities. Always seek certified training and equipment.

This product must only be used in accordance with the operating and maintenance instructions provided with the tool. 

Failure to do so could result in a fall, serious injury, or death.