A new approach...  

Tree Climbing Arborist ToolsThe new Hurse Irons have significant
technical and operational advantages over the traditional
climbing iron design, which has remained basically
unchanged for well over a century.

Whilst the Hurse Iron’s ‘key features’ and ‘environmental benefits’
can be explored in greater detail elsewhere on this website,
the following examines the major differences that position the

Arborist Equipment

new Hurse Irons in a league of its own in relation to superior gripping, athletic operation, safety, balance and the environment. 

Superior grip 

Hurse Irons are proud to introduce the world’s first streamlined
‘twin-gaff’  system designed to dramatically reduce trunk damage often associated with traditional gaff use.

These tree climbing tools feature two high strength, heat-treated,

slim - Tree Climbing Bootsline gaffs that deliver advanced gripping potential whilst providing the foundation for a stable stirrup platform. Their highly reduced incline means insertion resistance is significantly lowered ensuring minimal trunk tissue displacement during insertion and retraction.

Ankle pivot

The Hurse Iron Climbing system provides greater, more natural movement and operational flexibility in all climbing modes and conditions by ensuring full ‘ankle to foot’ and ‘leg to Tree Climbing Equipmentankle’ pivotal movement previously unobtainable in traditional systems. Operators can now ‘pivot on’, ‘balance off‘ and ‘fulcrum from’ an independent and Tree Climbing Gearfar more stable stirrup platform through Hurse Iron’s innovative ‘rotating’ main stirrup pin.

Foot Health

The stirrup of the Hurse Irons ensure advanced operator comfort, foot health and support through a revolutionary full-foot ‘stepped’ sole plate which repositions over 70% of the operators weight back onto the heel portion of the sole. 

A hammer plate that distributes gaff penetration forces, a hinge plate that allows for foot expansion under operational pressures.Arborist Tree Climbing Boots