You'll never climb the same way again...

Tree climbing tools are known by various names such as, climbing irons, tree climbing spikes,
climbing spurs, tree gaffs and leg irons. This can be misleading as they all sport the same design
and all employ an identical primate orientated climbing posture.

Hurse Irons Arborist Tree Climbing Equipment GearWelcome to an exciting, innovative and revolutionary Australian breakthrough
in climbing 
technology that is going to change forever the way we climb and work at heights
…the all-new Hurse Irons Climbing System.

The Hurse Irons Climbing System is the culmination
of 28 years of intensive research, product development
and comprehensive world-wide field testing.  2019 Coconut Management Qld Report

Ingenuity at its best, it brings together innovative
and cutting edge Australian design and engineering expertise, state-of-art Australian manufacturing 
technology and a rich and extensive breadth of
climbing experience and practice to address a

Hurse Irons Arborist Tree Climbing Equipment Gearnumber of key issues that have long plagued
the industry such as: 

  • lack of operational flexibility and ‘natural’ pivotal movement available with traditional irons
  • lower leg, ankle and foot pain including long-term soft tissue, tendon, joint and skeletal damage common to traditional climbing systems when operators have to stand with their entire body and equipment weight centered on the fragile and tender instep of the foot
  • frequent cutouts and tear-aways from inadequate or aggressive engagement of the traditional iron’s large ‘single’ gaff - often resulting in significant trunk damage and danger to the operator
  • the requirement to both climb and work ‘butt out’ to ensure positive gaff engagement leaving the operator’s ‘body weight’ centred at some distance out from the trunk or pole whilst operating heavy tools at arms length to maintain stability
  • premature wear of traditional iron stirrups due to manufacture from lower wear-resistant materials such as aluminium or carbon fibre and the need for ‘whole unit’ replacement
  • lack of sole gripping security due to the narrowness of traditional stirrups

The Hurse Irons have been specifically designed and engineered to provide a more efficient, secure, comfortable, durable and environmentally friendly solution to these and many other issues that have long been accepted as simply part and parcelHurse Irons Free Manual Download of traditional iron climbing operations.

We warmly invite you to explore our website and discover for yourself, the many proven advantages of this innovative and revolutionary breakthrough in climbing technology and see how your productivity, safety and comfort can be dramatically improved and enhanced when you climb in the new system…the all new Hurse Irons! Check out our new Youtube video below:

"There's no comparison, the Hurse Irons are superior all the way. They don't damage the palms like the old tool and they're a lot safer."  - Stephen Buroughs



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You\'ll never climb the same way again...TestimonialsGreater flexibility, comfort and security...From high impact to low impact in one move ...